Step 1 : Testing

LOCAL4GREEN aims to support municipalities in implementation of pilot local green fiscal policies to promote renewable energy sources (RES) in 60 pilot municipalities from 9 MED countries.

Technical support will be provided as a priority to rural local authorities signatories of the Covenant of Mayors that have included such policies in their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

Secondly, local authorities that have local green fiscal policies in their own energy plans also could be considered for pilot.

Local Green fiscal policies will be tested in such municipalities and will be systematized for a transferability plan.

According to the methodology of the project, a participatory methodology to prepare green local fiscal policies to promote RES will be elaborated and used by all partners as a common tool.

Each regional/national partner will provide technical support to the municipalities through an interdisciplinary advisory staff (law, municipal budget and renewable energy experts) to prepare the policy according to local context in each pilot municipality and using the common policy preparation participatory methodology.

Once prepared and adopted by local authorities, each partner provides continuous technical advisory during the implementation of the policy.

Likewise, each partner will monitor the effectiveness and impact of the policy, feeding the online transparency and accountability platform with data from each municipality.

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