The message of the project coordinator Yolanda Nicolau, from Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces

Three years ago, 10 colleagues from 9 Mediterranean countries, with the wish to get greener and healthier cities, agreed to launch a common project where LOCAL and GREEN issues would walk together, so they will become in the LOCAL4GREEN team. 

As they were from rural areas and islands, they thought that a good way to make their environment greener would be to increase the use of renewable energies. So, they told to local decision makers about a new way to use the municipal taxes for promoting clean energies. The idea was welcome by the Mayors of the municipalities, thinking to promote the local sustainable development and to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. But in the way they found difficulties, because most of local governors will not able to create or modify fiscal measures, and besides it was necessary a very long time to apply these measures. To overcome the difficulties, LOCAL4GREEN team supported the local governors with their knowledge to get the measures implemented, meetings were carried out and a methodology was created to show the steps to do for designing the measures. With this help, the local governments finally were able to put in place many green policies.

Once LOCAL4GREEN team got the implementation of the policies, they thought that it would be important to disseminate the results in order that other cities will take the opportunity to know and replicate the green policies.  For it, the team organized some meetings and events where told to new municipalities what policies they had designed and how they had applied. Moreover, the team prepared Handbooks where the best policies were included, allowing to local decision makers access to the acquired knowledge. 

Finally, LOCAL4GREEN team took notice that their idea was really good for the cities, the green local taxation could be used not only to promote renewable energies, but also for promoting other development sectors, like energy efficiency and sustainable tourism.

And that was how the team got their wish, turning the LOCAL into GREEN.