LOCAL4GREEN @ “Efficient Buildings and Renewable Energy” MED Community Conference

LOCAL4GREEN Project brought it's experience during the “Efficient Buildings and Renewable Energy” MED Community Conference in Ljubljana

MIEMA and Mr Noel Formosa, Mayor of San Lawrenz (Gozo), were invited by the Renewable Energy MED Community and the LOCAL4GREEN partnership to the “Efficient Buildings and Renewable Energy” MED Community Conference -  that took place between the 18 and 19th October 2018 in Ljubljana – in order to illustrate the current projects ongoing in San Lawrenz LC in the framework of Green Mobility in San Lawrenz

The first morning session was dedicated to the elaboration of working business models moderated by Dr Francesco Filippi, from MUSOL Foundation (Spain) and with the participation of other project partners from Algarve University (Portugal) and Anatoliki Energy Agency (Greece).

Participants focused on how to adopt carbon pricing tools by means of the introduction of fiscal policies aimed to promote renewable energy sources at local level. 

Two mayors, Mr Formosa from San Lawrenz (Gozo) and Mr Marios Malaes from Lakatamia municipality (Cyprus) shared their experienced with the participants as pilot communities involved in the LOCAL4GREEN project - under the assistance respectively of MIEMA and the Cyprus Energy Agency - about the implementation of fiscal tools to reward citizens using RES installation in public/private buildings.

In the afternoon session, Mr Noel Formosa took the floor in the session “Dialogue between EU Programmes: Value Chain Strategies” highlighting the scope of San Lawrenz Council to promote alternative mobility in the locality in order to reduce GhG emissions according to the EU Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, and to develop a green mixed-model approach to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the project.

The e-mobility project awarded by Transport Malta through the European Sustainable Mobility Week foresees the deployment of an electric vehicle and 4 electric bikes for residents and visitors with the aim to promote intermodal sustainable means of transport in the locality. 

The project shall also create a joint action with LOCAL4GREEN with the aim of rewarding RES users by providing reduced fee to rent e-bikes in the locality.

The second day of the event has been dedicated to the showroom exhibition of the modular projects of both communities, Efficient Buildings and Renewable Energy, presenting their results to all the participants.