What we do now

LOCAL4GREEN PLUS will capitalize the output “International Handbook on Green Local Fiscal Policy” of the previous LOCAL4GREEN Project. Such Handbook describes a set of fiscal policies that can be implemented at local level to promote the renewable energy sources (RES), tackling the challenge of increasing RES in the non-ETS sectors through a flexible innovative tool, the green taxation.

LOCAL4GREEN PLUS Project is a mainstreaming initiative focusing on integrating the green local fiscal policies tested by LOCAL4GREEN into the policies of new local authorities. The Project will carry out a training process and will adapt the policy models to the specific features of the new receiver municipalities in collaboration with the working groups made up by policy makers, technical staff and other stakeholders of such municipalities.

The Project will provide technical support and will deploy a strategic liaising process with the receiver policy makers to ensure the implementation of the green fiscal policies to promote RES. Two former partners of LOCAL4GREEN Project: Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces as Lead partner and MUSOL Foundation, both from Spain, are involved as giver partners, and they will ensure the transfer of the policies to four associations/networks of municipalities involved as receiver partners: The most beautiful villages of Italy (Italy), the Union of Cyprus Communities (Cyprus), the Association of Municipalities of Central Alentejo (Portugal), and EGTC Exfini Poli (Greece).

The receiver partners will amplify the mainstreaming process and will work with receiver associated partners municipalities, that have already expressed their interest in implementing green local taxation and will concretely implement the mainstreamed fiscal policies to promote RES.

Therefore, from March 2021 till June 2022, LOCAL4GREEN PLUS will apply in new municipalities the green fiscal policy models created by the previous LOCAL4GREEN, through training sessions and technical support. The Project will give priority to local authorities signatories of Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, that work with the global objective of mitigating the climate change and reducing at least a 40% of CO2 emisions in 2030. Furthermore, the green fiscal policies will promote the involvement of private sector in renewable energy sources and will be a lever to modify the taxpayers behaviors and investment preferences, increasing the implementation of renewable energy sources at local level.